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Rules and regulations


The Transfăgărășan Challenge is an event organized by Sibiu Reisen SRL The Event consisting of one stage. The event will take place as a part of the Sibiu Cycling Tour. The main organizer of the Sibiu Cycling Tour is “Sibiu Sport Project Club”.

For more details, please read the: General terms and conditions

Transfăgărășan Challenge

Competition rules

(1) The event is an outdoor cycling competition, an individual road climbing  race with a length of approx.  30 km, with road bikes. (Mountain or trekking bikes are also accepted, but please note that this is specifically a road bike event). Electric or hybrid bikes are not allowed in the race.

• each participant must have technical knowledge of a difficult route approach;

• each participant should be able to safely climb up and down a slope in difficult conditions;

• each participant should be experienced enough and should be able to safely complete a difficult route in an alpine area;

• each participant should have a good sense of direction, even in bad weather and low visibility;

• each participant should know the rules and how to behave in case of danger and emergency in the mountain area;

• each participant should show fair play and friendship and act accordingly when the situation requires it;

• each participant should know and should have an attitude that takes into account that, no matter how many security measures the organizers may take, they are not and will not be able to cover all risks, especially the ones resulting from nature or environmental conditions;

• each participant must know that no prize is above the health and life of himself and/or other participants and should act accordingly to protect himself and the others;

• each participant should know that driving on public roads will be on the corresponding lane of the traveling direction and, when possible, on the right side of the road. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners;

• each participant must know and strictly follow the traffic rules and the instructions received from the competition organizers;

• each participant is responsible for his own transportation or transfer to the start line and from the finish line. (exception: anyone who have booked tour packages including accommodation that may include transfer services)

(2) Contest numbers:

The competition numbers will be received after your registration is validated and after completing the responsibility statement on the competition day. The competition number must be attached so it will be visible throughout the race. The competition number should not be cut in any way.

(3) Validation / Briefing / Start

Registration will be done exclusively online, on the Transfăgărășan Challenge website Your registration will be validated at the starting point area.

(4) Your competition kit can be picked up on the 4th of July in the Big Square of Sibiu, at the Transfăgărășan Challenge Tent, or before the race, at Albota, between 09:15-10:45. Each participant should present an identity document in order to receive the kit.

(5) A briefing, where any news and changes will be communicated, will take place 15 minutes before the start.

(6) The registration on competition day will start at 09:15 and closes at 10:45, please be in time.

(7) The start will be at 11:00 in Albota. The organizer reserves the right to remove from the starting list any competitor who has not complied in the past with the rules of any competition affiliated to the Sibiu Cycling Tour, without being obliged to provide explanations as to the reason for removal from the starting list.

(8) The competition will include a single route for all categories: Road route Albota – Balea Lac.

(9) For your safety, the Transfăgărășan road is going to be closed especially for the challenge on the 5th of July 2021, during the competition time, and for the pro stage that will start after. Caution! Car access on Transfăgărășan is restricted on 05th of July 2021 between Albota and Balea Lake. It will be closed from approximately 10:00 until approximately 18:00. We highly recommend that the participant’s and attendant’s cars should be parked in the Albota Complex area. Access to the parking area at Balea Lake is forbidden, the parking is reserved for professional teams of the Sibiu Cycling Tour.
At the end of the Transfăgărășan Challenge, our recommendation is to enjoy the professional cycling show. The participants’ descent will be allowed after the professional stage is completed.

(10) Checkpoints:

Mandatory checkpoints are located on the routes. Participants who do not pass a checkpoint (for whatever reason) will be disqualified. The competition numbers and competitors’ times will be noted in order of arrival at each checkpoint.

(11) Hydration points

There will be one or two water stations on the route, but no other supplies will be provided. Each participant will have an energy bar included in their kit and, at the finish point, after the award ceremony, there will be a pasta buffet for all participants

(12) Stop / Withdraw from the race

The organizer reserves the right to ban a participant in the following cases:

• the rider got injured after the start and his condition no longer allows him to continue the race;

• in exceptional case

(13) Any participant who can no longer, or does not want to continue the race, for whatever reason, should inform the organizers immediately, at the start, at the checkpoints, or on arrival. Failure to announce the withdrawal from the race, can cause a search and rescue operation (rescue teams, mountain rescuers) at the expense of the participant involved. Any participant who withdraws will be helped with the best withdrawal option, but is responsible for their own transport, the route they will use and the actions after the time and place of withdrawal, except in serious cases that do not allow travel by their own means.

(14) Arrival

Arrival is at Bâlea Lac

(15) Timing

Timing is done per second.

(16) Rankings / Awards

During the Transfăgărășan Challenge, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded for each age group – men (B1, B2, B3, B4) and women (F1, F2, F3).

We will also award the title of Queen (women) and King (men) of Transfăgărășan for the first two who will reach the finish line, regardless of age category.

Each participant crossing the finish line shall receive a digital diploma by e-mail until 15 July 2021.

The awards are:

1st Place Shopping voucher from Decathlon Sibiu for 300 lei & Gold Nutrition products + medal
2st Place Voucher at the Albota Restaurant, worth 200 lei & Gold Nutrition products + medal
3rd Place Voucher at the Albota Restaurant, worth 100 lei & Gold Nutrition products +medal

Special award for each 1st place of every category: 1x tire set 𝐖𝐓𝐁 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝟕𝟎𝟎 𝐗 𝟐𝟖𝐂 from Hotbikes.

Men aged 18 to 29 (B1)

Men aged 30 to 44 (B2)

Men aged 45 to 59 (B3)

Men aged 60+ (B4)

Females aged 18 to 34 (F1)

Females aged 35 to 49 (F2)

Females aged 50+ (F3)

(17) Prizes will be awarded only to the winners attending the awards ceremony. If by any chance, a winner decides not to be part of the ceremony and leaves, the prize will not be sent to him. Prizes will be by the 15th of April 2021.

(18) Nature conservation

We believe Transfăgărășan Challenge should not harm nature in any way. Leaving garbage along the routes and/or deliberately destroying the environment will result in disqualification.

(19) Support / Help

Supporters may support any competitor provided that they follow the rules of conduct, the instructions of the authorities and/or officials and do not impede the conduct of the competition. No outside help is allowed during the routes (supporter, spectator, etc.). The organizers will penalize competitors whose supporters do not comply with these rules.

(20) Penalties

• lack of any of the mandatory equipment = disqualification;

• shortening the route = penalty or disqualification (referee decision);

• non-compliance with the environment = disqualification;

• change of competition number = disqualification;

• non-compliance with the competition rules = penalty or disqualification (referee decision);

• unfair sport behavior towards other participants, organizers, public, other people = disqualification.

• using the car to push or pull another competitor to help/prevent him from advancing = disqualification;

• use of the net of any vehicle = disqualification.

• use of drugs or any other substances that are not legal = disqualification.

(21) Appeals

Any participant can file an appeal against another participant who did not follow the rules of the competition or against the decisions of the organizers. The appeal will be submitted to the Information Office, in writing, 15 minutes after the display of the complete provisional results together with a fee of 29,- Euro The appeal will be resolved within the next 30 minutes.

The fee of 29,- Euro will be returned to the petitioner if the appeal is accepted.

(22) By registering, paying, and participating, each participant confirms that he has read, understood, and accepted the conditions of participation and these rules, assumes the risks of participating in the Transfăgărășan Challenge, and are responsible for their own actions that should take into account relevant circumstances such as weather conditions, weather change, area, equipment.

Status: February 2021

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